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BMW presented a range of new products and services at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas from 5 – 8 January 2017.

Demonstration drives in a new BMW 5 Series Saloon-based prototype gave guests an opportunity to experience BMW’s innovative digital services, underpinned by BMW Connected and the Open Mobility Cloud platform. The BMW Connected Window was also presented – its vision for an innovative digital touch point highlighting possible applications for BMW Connected services in the car and at home. Additionally, the BMW i Inside Future sculpture showcased BMW HoloActive Touch, which marks a new dimension in how drivers select and control vehicle, navigation, infotainment and communication functions.

The future of personalised driving.

Demonstration drives in a BMW 5 Series Saloon-based prototype exhibited a personalised, connected driving experience in a highly automated vehicle.

The technology that allows delegation of acceleration and braking to the vehicle, as well as the ability to take hands off the steering wheel, is based on a further-refined prototype of the driver assistance systems present in today’s vehicles.

BMW 5 Series Connected Mobility

BMW Connected.

BMW was an early pioneer in enabling extensive in-car access to online infotainment and communication functions with ConnectedDrive. At last year’s CES BMW presented BMW Connected, the personal mobility companion that can be accessed in a BMW, as well as on a wide range of devices. Learn more about BMW Connected here.

Another system presented at last year’s CES was Remote 3D View. Through combining Surround View with BMW Connected, Remote 3D View transmits a three-dimensional view of the vehicle and its surroundings to the driver’s smartphone. This allows drivers to check on their parked vehicle at any time and will make its debut in February 2017 on board the new BMW 5 Series Saloon.

BMW Connected

Intelligent connectivity.

BMW showcased digital services that will allow drivers of future automated vehicles to optimise the planning of their daily lives. For example, BMW Augmented Gesture Control will enable drivers to access information about places or buildings they see along their route simply by pointing at them.

Intelligent voice control will enhance the connected driving experience. BMW Connected demos will feature an in-car voice-controlled personal digital assistant in the form of Microsoft's Cortana. Already offered by Microsoft Cortana on a home PC or smartphone, this functionality, could also be available inside a future BMW. For example, BMW Connected can provide a reminder en-route of an appointment for which no location has yet been fixed, and Cortana can make a restaurant recommendation and booking.

BMW Connected Microsoft Cortana

Collaboration with Amazon Prime Now.

En-Route Delivery service was presented in conjunction with Amazon Prime Now. Integrated into all user devices via the Open Mobility Cloud, it will enable goods to be ordered through the app and delivered to the home, while on the road.

Another example of the collaboration with Amazon Prime Now is BMW Passenger Mode. Based on the route, BMW Connected will know when the vehicle will switch to automated driving, allowing the driver time to use Amazon Prime Video. The vehicle can also adapt to the rear-seat passengers’ needs, such as by dimming the interior lighting and closing the sunblinds when they play a video.

BMW Connected Amazon Prime Video

Innovative control and display technologies.

The BMW i Inside Future sculpture at CES focused on the opportunities and challenges presented by fully automated driving. What will we be able to do in an interior of the future? What kind of experience will a car journey offer?

The BMW i Inside Future display also showcased BMW HoloActive Touch, BMW’s latest take on the future of in-car control and display technology. The system interface acts as a virtual touchscreen, combining the advantages of BMW Head-up Display, BMW gesture control and direct touchscreen operation with extra features. Its free-floating display is controlled without physical contact, yet driver-vehicle interaction found in conventional touchscreens can still be enabled. Find out more about the BMW HoloActive Touch here.

BMW i Inside Future sculpture

BMW Connected Window.

To illustrate the possibilities that BMW Connected and the Open Mobility Cloud offer for the enhancement of digital lifestyles, BMW presented the BMW Connected Window vision. The BMW Connected Window integrates every type of information relevant for daily mobility planning and, using the Open Mobility Cloud, offers digital functions to support personal daily planning.

Extending BMW Connected’s functionality to include digital life at home, the BMW Connected Window shows what actions may be required for personal mobility planning. Operated using gesture control, the touchscreen-style commands don't require a physical touch of the screen.

BMW Connected Window

Discover more about BMW technologies here.

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