BMW group23 May 2018

BMW Group has officially obtained the Shanghai Intelligent Connected Autonomous Driving Test License, making it the first international auto maker to obtain the license in China. The achievement marks a big step on the path to Autonomous Driving and underlines the BMW Group's leading role in the development of autonomous driving in the Chinese automotive industry.

BMW Group is continuing to implement its NUMBER ONE > NEXT strategy worldwide, carrying out the layout in 'A.C.E.S.', namely, Autonomous Driving, Connectivity, E-Mobility and Shared services, to create exciting solutions and innovative mobility experiences for customers. Autonomous Driving, an important part of the 'A.C.E.S.' layout, will change the future of mobility in a revolutionary way, significantly improving safety and convenience.

China is promoting Autonomous Driving as a part of boosting intelligent connected vehicles (ICVs) and its recent 'smart city, smart China' initiative, giving China a vital role in BMW Group´s Autonomous Driving development program. BMW anticipated this development – and was first to demonstrate and publish L3 highly Autonomous Driving on a designated highway under government supervision in Chengdu as early as 2016.

To carry out road tests for the preparation of L4 Autonomous Driving R&D in China, the BMW Group has set up a strong local team in Shanghai, including over 60 experts in Autonomous Driving. The R&D team will gather several Petabytes of data based on actual traffic, which in turn will then be used to train machine learning algorithms performing adequate L4 Autonomous Driving behaviour. The test fleet is based on the latest BMW 7 Series models, starting with two in May and seven by December.

Dr. Martin Sautter, Senior Vice President, R&D Center BMW Group, BMW China Services Ltd., said: “The BMW Group has always followed its R&D strategy ‘In China, For China’. We have developed a complete, customer-oriented and prospective R&D system, through the R&D layout in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenyang. Now, it is a great honour to be the first international vehicle manufacturer to obtain an autonomous road test license in China. With the highest safety standards, we will rigorously promote the local development of Autonomous Driving and strive to achieve a safer, more efficient and more convenient transportation system.”

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