business10 Mar 2017

The BMW i3 94Ah Range Extender has made headway once again by being crowned Best SME Green Company Car at the 2017 Business Car Manager awards.

Praised for its exceptional range – 231 miles per charge – as well as for its high quality styling, low CO2 emissions and reduced impact on the environment, the judges commented that “the latest BMW i3 is a great mix of reasonable whole life costs, performance, low tax and style”.

The BMW i3 94Ah Range Extender is a great choice for businesses, especially those that are city-based. Not only can they save on the running costs of the entire fleet, making them a more economical choice, they can also help businesses get closer to reaching their sustainability goals.

For example, Selfridges in London offers exclusive Chauffeur experiences in the BMW i3 to all of their customers, helping them in their campaign to reduce their carbon footprint by 15% by 2020.

The Business Car Manager judges were also impressed by the BMW i3 94Ah Range Extender’s fully sustainable production process, which includes using carbon fibre made by 100% wind-generated electricity.

The BMW i initiative goes further than just producing electric cars; it manufactures them using green technology as much as is physically possible.

With charging points spreading across large UK cities, now is the perfect time to switch to an all-electric fleet. The BMW i3 94Ah Range Extender is available as a company car with the BMW Business Partnership Programme.

Find out more about the BMW i3 here.

Read the full Business Car Manager review here.

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