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We will soon be releasing the new BMW M5 with M xDrive. The newest version of our prestigious M vehicle has had copious design, refinement and skill invested into making this a much talked about brand-new high-performance business Saloon. With control logic at the heart of its characteristics, the new BMW M5 with M xDrive has all the genes of an M vehicle.

The new BMW M4 with xDrive being put through its paces in sport mode

It all starts from within.

Excellence, care, thought and precision is weaved into the core of the new BMW M5 with M xDrive. Combining xDrive technology with the high-performance of an M vehicle means a robust system offering new possibilities: the Active M Differential, special kinematics, the iconic M suspension and damper set-up and high performance sports tyres with additional grip.

With all the systems of the BMW M5 with M xDrive controlled through a single source, drivers now have the benefit of enjoying a vehicle that intuitively responds to your wants and needs. Bernd Jacob, BMW Engineer, says: “The development of this control logic is the real secret behind M xDrive.”

The BMW M5 with xDrive showing the benefit of the new split axles for improved stability while cornering

Four wheels are better than two.

Keen for the drive to always feel in control, we had a clear ambition with this vehicle: keep the feel of the standard drive but enhance it with the traction advantages of an all-wheel drive system. The trick to this innovation is two split axles; the front axle engages only when it senses that the back wheels have reached the absolute limit of their grip. The result? Agility and stability, at all times.

Fast, light, agile.

The last step in our quest for driving perfection has been to tune the engine to ensure that every inch of the 600-hp block is pulling in the same direction. With an acceleration of from 0-62mph in less than 3.5 seconds, dynamism is on your side.

In addition, innovations in material usage and application means the BMW M5 with xDrive will weigh less than its predecessor. The addition of the new CFR roof has been the key in the success to this dramatic weight loss.

The new BMW M5 with xDrive, the new M5 all star

To watch the interview with the President of BMW M Division Frank van Meel, click here. Or visit our M showroom to discover more of our iconic BMW M vehicles.

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