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Since 2013, the BMW i3 has led the way for premium-compact, all-electric drive vehicles. The redesigned BMW i3 and the new BMW i3s are taking the reins and continuing this reputation for excellence. The combination of sustainable design and manufacturing, along with class-leading technology and the classic dynamic driving experienced in a BMW, means we’re confident that these new models will continue to lead the way.

The new and improved BMW i3


Further adjustments and refinement to the BMW i3 means it’s at the forefront of what is capable in an electric vehicle. BMW eDrive allows the driver to take full advantage of the 94Ah battery by monitoring the engine output. A whole host of driver assistance technology is on-hand to ensure safety as well. The new Dynamic Traction Control system allows drivers to have full control – even when driving on wet surfaces – by directing the power to the wheels that need it most.

The BMW i3s offers a sporty electric driving experience


The new BMW i3s has been designed to perform. By taking the drive system from the previous BMW i3 and refining it, the car provides drivers with a more responsive engine that delivers atheletic acceleration even in the top range. Meanwhile, the 184hp drivetrain means the BMW i3s reaches a top speed of 99pmh. Perhaps the most exciting improvement is the addition of a sport suspension set up and the inclusion of SPORT mode, which allows drivers to push the limits by tightening the steering response and providing more direct acceleration.

The redesigned BMW i3 in the new Imperial Blue metallic paint option with the new BMW i3s in Melbourne Red paint option


The new BMW i3 has received a colourful facelift matching the redesigned dual-tone colour palette created for the BMW i3s. The new feature starts in the front and stretches down the sides to the rear, helping to accentuate the moulded lines of the side panels. The classic U-shaped LED headlights remain as does the BMW double kidney grille. Internally, the cabins of the two vehicles offer the same feeling of lightness and space as the previous BMW i3, all completed with sustainably produced and recyclable materials.

Find out more about the new BMW i3 and BMW i3s here.

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