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The new BMW M Performance Accessories Concept based on the BMW M2 provides an even more marked shift in athletic flair towards motor racing style by means of a consistent weight reduction of more than 60kg combined with optimised aerodynamics. The BMW M Performance Accessories Concept is aptly presented in the exterior paint finish Frozen Black with M Performance wrapping in gold for accentuations and inscriptions. Inside, Alcantara and carbon fibre further emphasise the sense of exclusivity, along with additional gold accentuations.

BMW M was closely involved in creating this more emphatic design, contributing its racing expertise to the development of all M Performance Accessories. The BMW M Performance Accessories Concept saw its world premiere on 12 July, where it lined up for the start of the hill race at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Carbon fibre parts reduce vehicle weight.
In addition to M Performance Accessories that are already available, the BMW M Performance Accessories Concept offers exclusive concept features. The result is a lower vehicle weight and thus further optimised driving dynamics – and this applies on the race track, too. The overall effect is achieved by a range of individual measures – the use of carbon fibre has a particularly important role to play. This high-tech material is extremely stable but much lighter than standard components. With its unique appeal, it also ensures an exceptional appearance.

The striking M Performance Carbon front radiator grille (expected to be available for the BMW M2 Competition from 7/2018) – featuring an accentuating gold line in the Concept – perfectly matches the M Performance Carbon bonnet (expected to be available from 7/2018), which itself saves 8kg in weight as compared to the standard component. The M Performance carbon fibre front side panels (expected to be available from 11/2018) reduce the vehicle's weight by 3kg, as well as optimising aerodynamics. A high-quality, individual look is also to be found in the M Performance carbon fibre front winglets and the carbon fibre side sill winglets (both available right away): these bear an exclusive gold accentuation in the Concept.

Reducing the car's weight by another 6kg and shifts the centre of gravity further towards the road, the M Performance carbon fibre roof in clear carbon-fibre finish is especially impressive (expected to be available from 3/2019). The complete wheel set with 19-inch M Performance forged wheel Y-spoke 763M in Frozen Gold (expected to be available from 7/2018) with semi-slicks not only provides a visual highlight, it is also 6kg lighter than the standard wheels. This reduces unsprung masses as well as having the relevant positive effect in terms of driving dynamics and steering response.

M Performance aerodynamic components in carbon fibre.
An eye-catching rear is provided by the M Performance carbon fibre tailgate (expected to be available from 11/2018): it weighs 5kg less than the standard part. The M Performance carbon fibre rear diffuser (available) reduces the car's weight by 0.5kg and also optimises aerodynamics; in the Concept it bears a gold accentuation.

Carbon fibre, Alcantara and golden contrast seams define the interior.
Carbon fibre and Alcantara add refined sporty highlights inside the BMW M Performance Accessories Concept. The M Performance carbon fibre sport seats with golden contrast seam ensure an excellent hold even when dynamically driving. The seats are covered with Alcantara and include a folding function for convenient access to the rear; they weigh 9kg less than the standard sports seats. Alcantara is also a defining feature of the M Performance lightweight rear seats, which reduce the weight of the vehicle by another 13kg. In addition to a lasered M logo they bear a golden contrast seam, which is found in the same colour on the door and side trim in Alcantara and leather. The M Performance trim finishers also combine the two refined materials carbon fibre and Alcantara.

Unmistakable motor racing feeling is provided in the cockpit by the M Performance steering wheel Pro, also bearing a golden contrast seam, with the upper and lower sections covered in leather. In the handling section, Alcantara ensures an excellent hold and exceptionally pleasant grip feel. The combination of carbon fibre and Alcantara is likewise found in the M Performance carbon fibre handbrake with Alcantara gaiter, which also features a golden contrast seam in the BMW M Performance Accessories Concept – as do the velour floor mats.

M Performance suspension with adjustable compression and rebound stage.
For perfect road holding, the BMW M Performance Accessories Concept features the M Performance suspension, which is already available as a retrofit set for serial production vehicles. This coilover suspension enables a lowering of up to 20mm; the damping technology is independently adjustable to 12 different compression stages and 16 different rebound stages. These properties give the M Performance suspension a neutral driving response with reduced rolling movement. To match the exterior body finish, the springs of the M Performance suspension and calipers of the 18-inch brakes are finished in black. An additional weight reduction of 14kg is achieved by the use of a lighter BMW battery.

Find out more about current BMW M Performance Accessories here.

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